Nordic Noir

On Youtube the magazine Kulturopportunisten celebrates  the Scandinavian genre Nordic Noir. Here you find authors and books as well as writing tips for aspiring novelists. 

We hope to reach lovers of Nordic Noir all over the world.

Yrsa Sigurdardottir from Iceland has created the series about psychologist Freyja and detective Huldar.

Florence Wetzel is the American author who fell in love with Nordic Noir and began writing in the genre.

Jo Nesbo is the Norwegian rock star go bestselling author, best known for his antihero Harry Hole.

Martin Beck is the iconic Nordic Noir antihero created by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, from Sweden.

Camilla Grebes novel "The ice beneath her" is set in a  beautiful, wintery Stockholm.

Cops who writes crime. It is not uncommon in Sweden. Anders de la Motte is a brilliant example.

"It came to me on a whim" by Maria Bouroncle is a true story, based on a family secret. It is now under translation to English. 

David Lagercrantz continued writing the Stieg Larsson Millennium-series.

Some famous Nordic Noir authors, like Lars Kepler, are pen names.

Emelie Schepp self published her first novel and then found international success as a Nordic Noir author.

Competition is fierce in Sweden, but it is hard to dethrone Camilla Läckberg.

Jussi Adler-Olsen, from Denmark, created the series about Department Q.

Helene Tursten, who created Inspector Huss, is one of several crime writers from little Sunne.

Åsa Larssons, from Kiruna, had her breakthrough with the debut novel Sun Storm.

Why do Medical Doctors, like Karin Wahlberg, love to write crime?

Jorn Lier Horst, from Norway, is known for the series about William Wisting.

Christina Gustavson shares tips on how to write crime.

Mother Viveca Sten and daughter Camilla Sten both writes Nordic Noir.

Sofie Sarenbrant is crime writer of the year in Sweden.

Dag Öhrlund has written and cowritten several Nordic Noir series.

Stefan Ahnhem was a screenwriter for Wallander before he began his own career as an author.

Åke Edwardson has written the series about the Nordic Noir icon Erik Winter.

Liza Marklund was accepted by the smallest publishing house, but became the biggest success.

Cilla and Rolf Börjlind created the series about Tom Stilton and Olivia Rönning.

Leena Lehtolainen is the queen of crime in Finland. She created the character Maria Kallio.

Hans Rosenfeldt created The Bridge. With Michael Hjorth he writes the series about Sebastian Bergman.

Lina Bengtsdotter wrote "For the missing".

Anne Holt was Minister of Justice. Now she writes MODUS.

Denise Rudberg left Chick Lit for Elegant Crime.

Maria Lang is the Swedish Agatha Christie.

Jens Lapidus created the series Stockholm Noir. Part one is Easy Money.

Håkan Nesser has been called the Godfather of Swedish crime.